Monday, April 20, 2015

July 18 Chan Bethlehem Retreat changed to Sunshine Coast

Very Important News:
The Bethlehem Retreat Centre in Nanaimo has changed ownership and the centre may not be able to guarantee our retreat date on the 18th of July. We have been very fortunate to find another centre, and at a third of the cost.

This retreat is a 7 day retreat. However, if that time period is unattainable, register instead for a 3 day retreat. It is suitable for both seasoned and beginners.
Place :
Sunshine Zen Centre 日光禪寺11148 Sunshine Coast Highway / HYW 101Halfmoon Bay, B.C.V0N 1Y2, Canada
* Time :      July 18 - 25* Fee :        C$ 250 (as donation for food & board)* Optional : 3-day (C$ 100)* Register : (1) Adrian : <>                   (2) Lisa Su : <>   Please Register ASAP 
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