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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Chan meditation starts again this 16th of April

Time to start anew this spring...and from a Dzogchen Treasure Text of Nuden Dorje entitled The Mirror of Clear Meaning we gain some insight into the nature of Mind...
What is called 'mind' cannot be identified as this or that. It is not an entity and it has no defining characteristics. If you search for it, it cannot be found for it has baeen empty from the very beginning, without substantial essence. Empty is is beyond expression, untouched by birth, death, coming and going. It is not created by any cause nor destroyed by any condition. It remains untouched in emptiness, free of increase and decrease, development and decline, or any kind of 74-75 translation/commentary by James Low.

Peaceful Resolution

Local mediation project trains residents in war-torn Africa to solve conflicts in a non-violent way
“I saw that it was possible to survive, not just physically but also psychologically. I saw forgiveness. Seeing all that—you end up feeling awe,” says George Brose (left), of his time spent in Africa. Brose will be heading back to Rwanda with colleague Adrian Symonds this summer. Photo by Boomer Jerritt
We are looking for financial assistance fpr our trip to Rwanda this summer. You can receive a Canadian Charitable Receipt for your donation. Google for more information.


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