Sunday, April 19, 2015

A new Contemplation group in Courtenay

Please Note:  The CHAN Thursday evenings at Courtenay Elementary School will be changed to 1460 Grieve Ave, Courtenay starting the 23rd of April


1.  The Name of the Meditation Group: CONTEMPLATIVE SITTINGS
2.  Date of Meeting: On the last Sunday of the month, starting May 31st.
3.  Time: from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm.
4.  Bring your mat & cushion - chairs will be provided
5.  Location: 2405 Back Road - someone will direct to parking & coffee till 8:45 am.
6.  RSVP : Before May 15. (To find new location if the group is too large)
7.  Format: Sittings (20 min.) slow walk (l0 min.) inside
8.  Break at 11:00 am: walk outside, weather permitting;11:30 am: short conference or individual interview. Meditation will continue with a volunteer TIME KEEPER during the interviews.

For me, meditation and contemplation are similar, at least in the first stage.. My practice is a Zen-style methodology (breathing in and out and counting from 1 to 10), but any other way is fine if it is helpful to you.  When thoughts and feelings come up, name them and start again. 

The conference or interviews may help you sort out problems in your practice or deep pains like recurring anguish.from the stories that the "monkey mind" spins in your head.  People meditate for a variety of reasons, from relaxation, to increase memory, to becoming more aware and stopping the monkey mind.  

Whereas Zen practice points to emptiness and eventually to Enlightenment, Contemplation seeks to find the deeper Self,  inner clarity, more authenticity, an ability to embrace a new way of "knowing" and a meaningful Truth that will lead to willing sacrifice and service for others.


I have been meditating for more than 30 years and have trained with various masters of  SEVERAL traditions,  I have also trained in Clinical Pastoral Education in Ohio and am working as an on-call chaplain at St Joseph Hospital in Comox. I am  also a Certified Spiritual Director with a private practice in Courtenay.

1. MAIN WEBSITE: Cosmos Chan Zen Community at
2. Master Cheng Yen in Facebook;
3. Listen to dharma talks with Gilbert Gutierrez
4. Listen/download audio talks from the Tallahassee   Chan group at
5. the Western Chan Fellowship at
6. Questions?  Adrian at 250 650 9055; and this blog


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