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Monday, September 29, 2014

In your practice, 'Lightness and Ease' can be easily attached to....don't!

photo by isaac symonds

"When the mind is unified with the body, you cannot be aware of the sensations of the whole body sitting because the sensations disappear. Why? The sensations become one with mind, so you cannot become aware of them. But that does not mean you have no body anymore. Don’t be afraid of that. When you close your eyes, you may get fear, and you may feel your body disappear. If you open your eyes, you still see your body. If you reach this state, you can experience the ‘Lightness and Ease’ of your body and mind, and this kind of experience you may never have tasted before in your daily life. Some people may feel, “Oh how wonderful this is. Oh how good. I enjoy it.”  Then they just abide in this state, they don’t want to get out; they just want to enjoy it. They don’t want to do anything. They think if they can just stay in this state for the rest of their life, that would be so wonderful. So they don’t want to leave. Of course, if they want to stay in that state, they stop their forward practice. We could say that they attach to the form of the mind (Lightness and Ease) in that moment.  Then, later on after some period of time, that state of Lightness and Ease will disappear. It depends on how far the state of your mind has faded away. Then, the mind will return to the Concentrated mind state or even the Scattered mind state. So, do not attach to any kind of Form of mind, of the good experience."...from talks by Master Beishi Guohan 2014

a half day or day of silent meditation/contemplation

For this retreat, if you are not a Chan (Chinese Zen) practitioner, you may bring your own silent meditation/ contemplation practice. If you do not presently have a practice, or are interested in Chan meditation practice, please contact Adrian a couple of days before the retreat.

Bring your own cushion; chairs are available. Limited seating, please RSVP.
Contact Adrian Symonds: 250-650-9055 or
Oct 5, Nov 2, Dec 2:  8:30 a.m to 5 p.m. – Salish House, Lewis Park Recreation Centre, Courtenay
Cost: by donation

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