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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Meditation in Action: Warfare or Healthcare

An Innovative Canadian Foreign Policy: Hornets or DARTS?


The Hornet Strategy: we can protect the lives of thousands of Canadians by bombing the infrastructures and the soldiers of the ISIS into submission. As in any bombing campaign, violence will beget more violence, and as for the innocents, collateral damage will generate a web of new resentments that will be rekindled for generations.


The DART Strategy:  we can protect the lives of thousands of Canadians by sending in 40 or 50 Canadian military Disaster Assistance Response Teams to West Africa. At the rate of infection, this disease could easily spread around the world. What kind of reputation would we garner if Canada stopped it cold? And continued to respond to natural tragedies with DART teams throughout the world? Let’s park the Hornets, and change our notion of boots on the ground.


I’d love to travel abroad again, anywhere, with a Canadian badge glued to my packsack.

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