Monday, September 22, 2014

To have seen into the self-nature

Both pics by Suzy Chatwin
What is the "Pure Dharma Body of Buddha"? The self-nature of worldly beings is intrinsically pure, and all dharma/Dharma manifest from the self-nature. When you think about evil things, it reveals evil things. When you think about all good things, it reveals good deeds. Thus all things of self-nature are like the sky, which is always clear, and also like the sun and the moon, which are always bright. While they are covered by floating clouds, there is brightness above and darkness below. If suddenly a wind blows away the clouds, then the brightness reappear in both above and below, and myriad things are fully manifested. The mind of worldly beings is confused and always floating, just like the clouds in the sky. Good fellow-practitioners, wisdom is like the sun, insight is like the moon, and both of them are always bright. But if you attach to the external sense objects, you have your self-nature covered by the floating clouds of deluded thoughts, so that your wisdom  and insight have no brightness and clarity. On the other hand, if you meet a greatly enlightened being and hear authentic Dharma of Teachings, then you let go of the confused attachment and the deluded thinking so that both the interior and exterior are spontaneously bright and clear, and myriad things manifest from the self-nature. This is what happens to those who have seen into the self-nature. This is what is called the "Pure Dharma Body of Buddha". ....from The Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch Translated by Beishi Guohan (Old Teacher Tsao)

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