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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bodhidharma and Chan audio tapes

Here's some Zen poetry. It was written by a red headed barbarian named Bodhidharma who travelled from India to China sometime in the mid 500's. He meditated in front of a wall for either nine or 12 years. These four lines he wrote fueled about 93 generations of Chan teachers. It's still going on. The 99th, Master Sheng Yen, who died about a year and a half ago,  accredited about six people around the world to carry on his tradition. One of those teachers is William Tsao, who has a passion for pushing people to awaken, and teaches out of White Rock and Richmond. He will be doing a two day seminar in Courtenay soon. See February 14th for upcoming retreats.

Here they are:

"Not relying on words or letters, (it is)
A special transmission outside of Scriptures,
Pointing directly to the human mind,
Seeing one's nature, being awakened."

Scads of books have been written describing the essence of these words.  About those books? 

Bodhidharma is probably scowling. (While Sufis dance, Zen people get sore knees and flat asses.)

Ha ha! 

For new meditators on how to meditate:  


For super audio tapes on Chan. Check the length of each audio. Ensure you are in a listening mode. Sometimes, some of the tapes don't get 'hot' until 20 minutes have passed...a long enough time to practice your non-discrimination activities!

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