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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Words from Seng-chao (374 -414) illustrate the ideas of Chan

"Once again, words from Seng-chao (374 -414) illustrate the ideas of Ch'an. Although things move (change), they are stationary (unchanging). Although things are stationary, they still move."  In other words, although phenomena move and interact, they are fundamentally empty, and unmoving....nothing is permanent and enduring. All phenomena incessantly arise and perish.   

There is a meditation method called "silent illumination", (silent illumination is not shikantaza, the Japanese method of "just sitting") which is attributed to Hung-Chih Cheng-chueh (1091-1157). Silent Illumination incorporates both movement and non-movement. Illumination is a process of contemplation, therefore it is moving. Likewise, the object of contemplation is also moving.  "Silent" is a quiescent, unmoving state. Only when a person is "silent," or unmoving, can they genuinely observe the true nature of the movement of phenomena. Seng-chao made practical the ideas of movement and stillness by incorporating them into a method....from The Infinite Mirror by Ch'an Master Sheng Yen, pg, 49.


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