Monday, February 21, 2011

Mary Magdalene and Kwan-Yin with a Thousand Hands

"As the figure of Mary embodies all that a Christian is called to be, Kuan-Yin with a Thousand Hands embodies the mode of being of one who has reached the ultimate fruit in Zen. This is a mode of being that has undergone a total emptying of oneself, leading to one's total liberation, whereby one's whole being is given over for others as they are encountered in their particular situations. "This is my body which is given up for you."...from Ruben L.F. Habito's Living Zen, Loving God, pg. 101. Habito is a former Jesuit priest whose enlightenment was authenticated by both Koun Yamada Roshi  and Hakuun Yasutani Roshi.

When your mind is free from all clinging and thinks of neither good nor evil, you should be careful not to sink into a sheer emptiness and stick to a deathlike stillness; you should rather try to broaden your learning and increase your knowledge, that you may become aware of your own mind and thoroughly comprehend the essential teaching of all the Enlightened Ones; you should cultivate a spirit of congenial harmony in your fellowship with others and free yourself of the cramping idea of the ‘self’ and ‘other,’ until you attain complete enlightenment and realize your true nature which is immutable.”

6th Patriarch Hui Neng…in John C. H. Wu The Golden Age of Zen pg 63

“Within, keep the mind in perfect harmony with the self-nature; without, respect all other men. This is surrender and reliance on one’s self.”  

6th Patriarch Hui Neng…in John C. H. Wu The Golden Age of Zen pg 64.

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