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Monday, February 7, 2011

The pure sense of moment is vast

"The pure sense of emptiness means vastness. Your existence is not just in the small scale of the world---it is vast. This is the pure sense of moment. But if you see the moment from just your individual  viewpoint it becomes limited. The pure sense of moment is vast. Immediately your individual existence expands to all sentient beings. This is total manifestation. It is not just an aspect of human life, it is the real portrait of existence itself. Not only human beings, but all sentient beings exist like this. So, just taking care of yourself is not just taking care of yourself while ignoring others. You have to take care of of yourself simultaneously with all sentient beings. At that time you can really get a taste of impermanence. 

This is the best way to know who you are; this is Buddha's compassion. You can get a taste of the core of existence, which is called Buddha-nature. How sublime your life is!" ...from Dainin Katagiri in Returning to Silence, pg. 12.

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