Tuesday, December 2, 2014

More (commentary) on Suchness, this time by the Dalai Lama

From Nagarjuna:
Not knowable from another, tranquil
not fabricated by mental elaboration,
devoid of conceptualization, and not differentiated--
that is the character of suchness.

This stanza presents what are known as the five main characteristics of ultimate truth. Basically, the stanza is stating that suchness lies beyond the purview of language and thought. Unlike everyday objects--where we can distinguish, say, between a thing and its properties--the emptiness that is mere negation of intrinsic existence is free of any such differentiations. It exists in the manner of a single taste. This does not mean that the suchness of all phenomena exists as one. Although each and every individual phenomenon has suchness, that just means all phenomena share the nature of being empty of intrinsic existence. That is the meaning of this stanza.
and more...
Whatever comes into being in dependence on another
is not identical with that thing.
Since it is not different from that thing either,
it is neither nonexistent nor permanent. ...from The Middle Way...Faith Grounded in Reason by The Dalai Lama, pp. 86-87

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