Monday, November 24, 2014

The self-nature of true suchness manifests thought

"Good fellow practitioners, regarding "no" of no thought, what should we let go of? And regarding "thought" of "no thought", what should we be aware of? We should let go of the attachment to the duality and the mind exhaustion of sense objects, while we should be aware of the self-nature of true suchness. True suchness is the quintessence of thought, and thought is the function of true suchness. The self-nature of true suchness manifests thought, and it is not the six sense faculties that manifest thought. The true suchness has a nature of emptiness, therefore, it is able to manifest thought in accord with conditions. If true suchness has no empty nature, then the six sense faculties and six sense objects lose their functions simultaneously.

Good fellow practitioners, the self-nature of true suchness manifests thoughts. Though the six sense faculties have the functions of seeing, hearing, and awareness, yet they are not defiled by myriad objects, and the self-nature of true suchness is always liberated. Therefore, the Pure Name Sutra says, "One is adept at differentiating the forms of all dharma/Dharma, while simultaneously rest immovably in the Ultimate Principle."....from a translation/commentary by Master Beishi Ghohan of the 6th Patriarch's Platform Sutra.


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