Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Upcoming one day retreats in Courtenay...and the Buddhist hologram

"Unenlightened people can only vaguely understand the true meaning of the phrase 'the mutual interaction of dharmas',' because they use their intellect, and therefore, they misinterpret the essence of Buddhist principles. For instance, I have said that one dharma contains all dharmas. However, if with your reasoning power, you think that within each dharma is the potential for every other dharma to arise, then you have misunderstood the teaching. In fact, one dharma already contains all dharmas, in this and every moment. The Ch'an sect has a saying, "If you can read this line and think, "Because I think of this, therefore I can think of that, and then that, and so on, until, potentially, I will understand the Ten Dharma Realms," then you have misunderstood the phrase. Actually, your single thought, right now, contains all Ten Dharma Realms. A single thought contains you, your self-nature, everyone in this room, everyone you know, all your dreams and memories, the environment, the universe."...Pg 35, The Infinite Mirror, Chan Master Sheng-Yen.

a day of silent meditation

For this retreat, if you are not a Chan (Chinese Zen) practitioner, you may bring your own silent meditation/ contemplation practice. If you do not presently have a practice, or are interested in Chan meditation practice, please contact Adrian a couple of days before the retreat.

You will need to bring your own cushion if you are a floor sitter. There are chairs. Please contact me RSVP as there is limited seating available in the Salish Bldg.
Contact Adrian Symonds: 250-650-9055 or adrian2@shaw.ca
July 6
August 10 and the first Sunday of each month including December Salish House, Lewis Park Recreation Centre, Courtenay
cost: by donation, limited space, please RSVP

1. MAIN WEBSITE: Cosmos Chan Zen Community at http://www.cosmoschan.org/
2. Master Cheng Yen in Facebook;
3. Chan Community Canada at http://chancommunity.ca/
4. Listen/download audio talks from the Tallahassee   Chan group at http://www.tallahasseechan.com/talks.html
5. the Western Chan Fellowship at  http://www.westernchanfellowship.org/
7. Audio downloads at Dharma Drum http://www.dharmadrumretreat.org/teachings.php?id=av_changwen
8. Questions?  Adrian at 250 650 9055; adrian2@shaw.ca and http://comoxvalleyzenchan.blogspot.ca/

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