Saturday, September 5, 2015

Syrian refugees: chan buddhists....can you help?

Syrian refugees:

Comox Valley Zen Chan would like help sponsoring a family. I have a house with two extra bedrooms that would be amenable to a share-house situation. I could take in a family of three. There would be no charge for the space.

I would need financial help with food and anything extra associated with the family’s living expenses. 

As well as Chan, I have also studied Sufism for 15 years prior to my involvement with Chan, so I am quite familiar with Islamic practice, if indeed the three invitees would even practice. Religion is not ‘hot topic’ issue in my life. 

Do you have any  community members who would be interested in co-sponsoring  3 Syrian refugees, and willing to commit the time to organize this process. Can you forward this email to possible helpers?

Please contact me:

adrian symonds
1460 grieve ave.
courtenay, bc
v9n 2v9
250 650 9055

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