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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Summer retreat with Master Guo Jun

Master Guo Jun on adapting teachings to the modern world:  "We have a traditional saying, If the disciple, no matter how you scold, will not run away, then you go to the next stage.  You chase him away. No matter how you try to chase him, if he doesn't run away, then you go to the third stage. You beat him. If he still doesn't run away, only then do you begin to teach him. 
If I used this method on my students and disciples, or just stared at them fiercely, or beat them, or made them do endless remedial tasks, they would say I had no compassion and head for the hills. How would I be able to spread the dharma and deliver sentient beings? Those are my vows. So I have adapted."....Master Guo Jun, from Tricycle, Spring 2013, A special Transmission, Teachings from the heart of the Chan Buddhist Tradition, pg. 107. 

Master Guo Jun also has a new book out.

And he will be leading a workshop this summer. Register early. He was the Abbot at Dharma Drum in New York State for three years. Underlying his fluent English, his contemporary knowledge of the western mind and his humour is the finger that is always pointing to the moon.

Courtenay Elementary is open again after the spring break. We will be meeting this Thursday the 11th.

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