Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Master Guo Dun: A Profound and Precise Method to Relax by Letting Go of Tension

1. Don’t think for the count of 1001
2. Relax the eyes for the count of 1001
3. Relax the nose for the count of 1001
4. Relax the mouth (tongue, gums, teeth, jaw) for the count of 1001
5. Relax the face (skin and muscles around eyes cheeks etc) for the count of 1001
6. Relax the ears
7. neck
8. shoulders
9. biceps
10. forearms
11. hands
12. fingers (You can check your counting by doing one finger at a time. So 1001 on the thumb, next time round, thumb 1001, index finger 1002, etc)
13. upper back
14. middle back
15. low back
16. buttocks
17. chest
18. abdomen
19. thighs
20. knees
21. calves
22. feet
23. toes (You can check your counting by doing one toe at a time. So 1001 on the big toe, next time round, big toe 1001, 2nd toe 1002, etc)
25. MIND (everything around the body that you and everyone ele in the world can think/sense in that interval count of 1001)

1. Don’t think for the count of 1001 + 1002
2. Relax the eyes for the count of 1001 + 1002
3. nose for the count of 1001 +1002  etc…
4. When you get to the fingers and toes, use them as part of the count. So during the 1st second, use the thumb. During the 2nd second, use the thumb and the index,  and on ……

See Master Guo Jun at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xz3ZsuXAzSM


Keep going…….adding a second each complete time round. When you count 1001, say it slowly so you get the full benefit of one second’s relaxation. If you rush like you’re running for a bus, remember there’s no bus to catch. Just say it slowly and methodically.

When you get distracted and forget where you are in the body scan, don’t judge yourself, just go back to the body scan method. Pick a spot on your body and continue the method.

At least 30 minutes per day….up to approximately the count of 5 or 6 seconds?  Sit in a comfortable chair, and keep your back straight, and belly breathe if you know how. If not, google deep abdominal breathing. You will doze off if your head falls to your chest. 


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