Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hui-Neng and the 2nd No...No Thought, No Form; (and no class this Thursday)

Hui-Neng, the 6th Patriarch of Chan, is best known for the Three No's: no thought, no form and no abiding. What is no form? It's not that things don't exist; it's that we must not cover over  the object of our perception with our self-centered, our discriminatory volition. 
"Nothing that exists is true
don't think what you see is true
if you think you see the truth
what you see is surely false
if you want to find the true 
the mind free of the false is true
unless your mind forsakes the false
nothing is true where true can't be." 
...1st verse of the Hui-Neng's Gatha of Truth and Falsehood and Movement and Stillness.' The Platform Sutra, translated by Red Pine, pg. 43

The mummified body of Huineng is kept in Nanhua Temple in Shaoguan Prefecture (northern Guangdong).

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