Sunday, October 23, 2011

Toni Packer: Is 'I' just a powerful thought? and upcoming retreat

“Thoughts generate tremendous energies to do something or not to do something, to get somewhere, to control or to inhibit action. Can there be insight into the power of thought? Where is the ‘I’ in all of this? Is it just a powerful thought?

What about ‘self-discipline’ and self-control’? To ask, “What is the ‘no-self’ that has ‘self-control’? is putting the wrong question, isn’t it? It is making a new entity out of the concept of ‘no self’. But no self is not a concept or an entity; it is a state of immediate, undivided awareness, presence. And in that presence the entire circuit of self-centeredness is illumined.  This is attention. Attention without self-center can illuminate self-centeredness. It sounds paradoxical, but only thought creates conundrums.

In open awareness without a self-center, things are simply seen for what they are—everything is happening on its own. Cleaning out the garage or not overeating cease to be problems. What needs to be done is clear and gets done, or it doesn’t get done. When the energy of clarity takes the place of resistance, action flows freely without effort.”…Tony Packer, The Light of Discovery, pg. 10.

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