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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Pure Awareness and the Gingerbread Man

Talking about Pure Awareness is a waste of time. Experiencing it is speechless/wordless. 

For this two person Experiencing Exercise, you will need to consult your physician to know that extreme physical exercion will not shock/damage your physiological system (i.e., a heart attack!!!!!) 

Let's call one person the Timekeeper and the other the Runner. After a good warm-up by the Runner,  the Timekeeper announces, "Go", and the Runner beatles it as FAST as the Runner is able to in a wide enough circle (maybe about a radius of 10 to 15 meters) around the Timekeeper that enables the Runner to acquire an extreme speed without the fear or occurrence of slipping. 

The Timekeeper should motivate the Runner to move as FAST as the Runner is able with loud exclamations, "FASTER, FASTER, FASTER". This is not a boy scout 'conserve your energy and protect against exhaustion' exercise...50 paces running, 50 paces fast walking. This Running is an all-out attack  on exertion. The Timekeeper might adopt the temporary attitude 'Compassion may also be the action of a sharp stick', and scream at the Runner to run "Faster, Faster, Faster", in order to ensure the Runner may end with at least a fleeting glimpse of Pure Awareness.

The Runner will run as if his/her Running will be a  'the Great Boogie Man is Gonna Get Me' kind of run, an 'I Gotta Catch That Departing Bus or I'm Gonna Get My Ass Fired' run, a 'That Man Stole my Passport And I Live In A Third World Dictatorship Hell Realm' run, or a 'I'm the Gingerbread Man and the Fox is Going to Eat My Cookie Dough' kind of run. 

At the precise moment when the attentive Timekeeper notices that the Runner is just about to die from overexertion, the Timekeeper shouts loudly into the Runner's  ears, 
It is essential that at the precise moment when theThe Runner hears the Timekeeper's command that the Runner stops on command, on a dime so to say, and observes his/her own state of his mind. That experience will be Pure Awareness!

Prescient are the Gingerbread Man's words upon being caught and eaten by the Fox, "Presently the gingerbread boy said, "Oh dear! I'm quarter gone! And then, "Oh, I'm half gone!" And soon, "I'm three quarters gone!" And at last, "I'm all gone!" and never spoke again." Read about the experience of the Gingerbread Man at'

Can the Runner maintain Pure Awareness beyond the few minutes that exhaustion allows the mental realm to stay free of wandering thoughts? 

If not, the Chan Timekeeper offers two methods with which to choke out the thoughts produced by the Runner's self-centered, discriminatory, attached mind.

Disgusted with his/her inability to maintain Pure Awareness, especially after such an exhausting run-around, which method will the Runner choose  to prevent obstructions?

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