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Monday, April 18, 2011

What is the one thing you rely upon in this chaotic world?

Your bank account with the impressive numbers that grants you financial security? Your partner is an oasis of calm? Lots of friends? Food on the table? Your belief that your good deeds will guarantee you a place in heaven or a beneficial reincarnation? Everybody at work loves your creativity, your finess, your positive attitude? Good looks?

If you rely on something, that object of reliance is something you can rest upon; it is a port of safety, something/someone you know that you can depend upon and always turn toward in a moment of doubt,  a moment of danger, a moment of chaos.

What is it like to be enlightened? Imagine a world in which you are open to everything. And in that open world, there is not a single solitary thing upon which you can rely upon.

For the one who experiences no-self, that is the world of freedom. For the rest of us in delusion, how do we free ourselves from that one attachment we so dearly rely upon?

The Chan master will always say, 
"Return to the method."


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