Monday, January 17, 2011

Five masters comment on our relationship with the external world

“Proceeding in such a way,
All things appear vividly, without obscurity;
Everywhere, all things manifest as they are,
{maintaining} one thought for ten thousand years.
Fundamentally, this in non-abiding in appearances.”

An Excerpt from The Discourse Record of Chan Master Hongzhi  by Master Sheng Yen in The Method of No Method, pg. 97


“You must ever bear in mind that the light and life that go out from you to the object are quite as important as that light that comes to you from the object. Thought is activity of the consciousness impressed by the external world.” …Sufi Master Hazrat Inayat Khan in A Meditation Theme for Each Day


“We will eventually come to the realization that what we are looking at is what we are, no matter how we feel, no matter how we think of ourselves at the moment, we cannot be other than what we are looking at. We will see that our self-image is a convenience to assume a viewpoint, but we are actually looking at what we are. We are not looking at something other than ourselves.” …E. J. Gold in Life in the Labyrinth, pg. 199.


“The Buddha Mind, unborn and marvelously illuminating, is like a bright mirror. A mirror reflects whatever is in front of it. It's not deliberately trying to reflect things. Likewise, when the object being reflected is removed, the mirror isn't trying not to reflect it, but when it's taken away it doesn't appear in the mirror. The Unborn Buddha Mind is just like this.” … Bankei


“There are mountains hidden in jewels. There are mountains hidden in marshes, hidden in the sky. There are mountains hidden in mountains. There's a study of mountains hidden in hiddenness.” …Dogen

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