Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mind-to-mind transmission

"When we study the Way, we study our own skin, flesh, bones and marrow. When we cast off our own skin, flesh, bones, and marrow, we realize that the mutual study and seeking of the Way between master and disciple is the spiritual and physical entwinement of buddhas and ancestors. This forms the life of the buddhas and ancestors. Their skin, flesh, bones, and marrow are the smile of Kashyapa. Generally, sages study in order to cut off the root of spiritual entanglement but do not use their entanglements to cut off entanglements. Do they know how to use entanglements to transmit entanglements. It's rare to find anyone who knows that entanglements cannot be separated from the transmission of the Dharma. Few have experienced it or even heard it. How can it be possible for many people to experience it?

On Mount Gridhrakuta, Shakyamuni Buddha gave a talk. Two thousand people were in the assembly. Buddha blinked and held up a flower. At this all remained silent. The  venerable Kashyapa alone broke into a smile. The World-Honoured One said, "I have the all-pervading true Dharma, incomparable nirvana, exquisite teaching of formless form. It doesn't rely on letters and is transmitted outside of scriptures. I now hand it to Mahakashyapa."...from John Daido Loori in Cave of Tigers pg. 206.


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