Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sunday retreat coming up...


Really famous Zen Masters, or "Watch it, whether you answer correctly or incorrectly to Zen master's question, you still get 30 whacks from the incense stick. Ouch!!!"

Dongshan Liangjie (807-869) is recognized to have founded the Caodong (Soto) school of Zen, which along with Huatuo  Chan(Rinzai),  is still practiced today. Here's one of his quotes on emptiness to a monk who was asking about Dongshan's illness:

"Students are as numerous as sands in the Ganges but none are awakened. 
They err by searching for the path in another person's mouth.
If you wish to forget form and not leave any traces, 
Wholeheartedly strive to walk in emptiness."

Dongshan then had his attendants help him shave his head, bathe, and get dressed. He then had the bell rung to summon the monks so that he could bid them farewell. He appeared to have passed away and the monks began wailing piteously without letup.

Suddenly Dongshan opened his eyes and said to them, "Homeless monks aren't attached to things. That is their authentic practice. Why lament an arduous life and pitiful death?

Dongshan then instructed the temple director to organize a 'delusion  banquet'. The monk's adoration for Donshan was unending.

He then said, "Don't make a big deal about it. When I pass away, don't go carrying on about it."Dongshan then returned to his room, and, sitting upright, passed away.....Pg 186-7 in Andy Fergueson's Zen's Chinese Heritage


There will be a 2 hour sitting this Sunday at Adrian's 1 to 3 p.m. The format will be a little different than usual. RSVP Adrian please. 


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