Saturday, August 7, 2010

3 day retreat information

For those interested in attending the three-day retreat being held at the Hermitage on Denman Island September 10 – 12 additional information is provided below.

The 2nd week of September is damp on Denman Island. Check the weather report to see if rain will be coming. You will need a raincoat.
Bring rubber boots or water resistant shoes if you want to walk in the fields. Hay fields up to your knees will get you wet up to your knees, even on an early morning July/August day, let alone a mid-September morning. I think the Hermitage is about 50 acres of forest paths and fields. You may want to walk along the trails.

Bring a good warm sleeping bag, your bedding?...why not throw in an extra blanket if you want to be toasty.
Bring a heavy is great to insulate against the damp.
Bring your meditation pillows, etc. Note, there are chairs in the meditation space if your usual practice is to use a chair while meditating.

There are only six the rest of us will be camping. You need camping equipment if you are camping. We will have to sort out who camps and who gets a cabin before we arrive at The Hermitage, based probably on necessity.
We will be meditating in a a yurt +image. They are great structures. Many, many high ranking teachers from all over the world have taught in this particular yurt.

There are showers. There are toilets.
I can attest to the chef's ability to put an amazing vegetarian meal on the dinner table. Does anyone have food allergies?

William has said he wants people to arrive by Thursday evening so that he may start classes at 6 a.m. If that is impossible to do because of work obligations etc, the earliest ferry from Buckley Bay Friday morning is 7 a.m. He wants Friday arrivals ready to meditate by 9 a.m. That means catching a really early mainland to Vancouver Island ferry. Then, it takes about 1 hr 15 minutes to get to Buckley Bay from Nanaimo.

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