Tuesday, July 20, 2010

karmic consciousness: Master Sheng Yen

Chan Master Sheng Yen is speaking at a meditation retreat

“..So, today, I say we must also let go of inverted, upside-down views. What are some upside-down views? Clinging to karmic consciousness, constant self-referencing, wanting things, wanting to acquire Dharma, and yearning for enlightenment. But aren’t you here to acquire Dharma and enlightenment? Didn’t you come to relinquish your vexations, realizing you have suffering in your life? You may think, “Yes, I have a lot of suffering. I have vexations. I want to get rid of vexations. I want to reach enlightenment. I want to become a Buddha. I want to be reborn in the Pure Land.” Everything is “I,” “I,” “me,” “me.” These are all inverted views, and with these perspectives, one creates more suffering. We call this the “first ultimate truth,” which is that all such mind-sets create more karma and more suffering. And this is also what Huanglong means by “karmic consciousness.”

………..Chan Master Sheng Yen in Shattering the Great Doubt

A Sufi Sheik writes,

The Noose

When al-Hallaj was put in prison
For saying he was one with God,
Shebli, his friend, asked him,
“What is the love you speak of?”

“Come tomorrow and I’ll tell you,”
Al-Hallaj answered.
Tomorrow came and Shebli found him
In front of the gallows.

Al-Hallaj looked at him and said,
“Now you can see the answer:
Love begins by alluring the ‘I’
And ends like this:

“Its noose gets tighter and tighter
To squeeze out the self.
Then comes the test of the Cross
Stay if you understand; if you don’t, leave now.”

………Sheikh Ansari in Perfume of the Desert by Andrew Harvey.

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